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About Coach Trina



Trina Swerdlow, BFA, CCHT

Trina is the founder and CEO of Weight Loss 18 Minutes. She is an author, an artist, and a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.
For 11 years, Trina has offered guided imagery for weight-loss and stress management in her private practice. She receives many referrals from doctors and psychotherapists.

Trina wrote and illustrated the book, STRESS REDUCTION JOURNAL—Meditate & Journal Your Way to Better Health. In addition to the testimonial below, her book received an endorsement from best-selling author of the Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff series, Richard Carlson, PhD.


In addition, Trina has written more than 50 articles for ALIVE magazine, a Northern California resource for healthy living.


In 2004, she began teaching workshops at the John Muir Women’s Health Center in Walnut Creek, California.

Trina’s TOPICS have included how to:

  • Manage Emotional & Compulsive Eating
  • Reduce Stress
  • Reach Your Personal Goals

Her extensive experience in the weight loss industry (as an expert), as well as Trina’s own personal triumphs overcoming “emotional eating,” are combined with her colorful creativity — to create the solid, research-based foundation that Weight Loss 18 Minutes is built upon.

“My favorite part of the program is the guided imageryit’s nurturing and nourishing! Trina’s voice paints beautiful pictures that take you to peaceful places within yourself.  And, not only do the guided imagery audios keep me on track for losing weight — I listen to them to help me fall asleep some nights, after a stressful day.”

 — Phyllis

Why “COACH TRINA” Created
Weight Loss 18 Minutes ~

In her own words…

I created Weight Loss 18 Minutes so I could EXPAND the tools I previously offered into a fuller, more comprehensive program. My long-term goal was to offer tools that would help people lose weight — and keep it off.

My dream was to share the program “one-to-one” with clients, as well as facilitate GROUPS. Now, after four years of development and refinement, my DREAM of sharing Weight Loss 18 Minutes is a reality. I have to say…

“When I hear the
enthusiasm and gratitude
from participants —
it warms my heart.”
“And, to let you know
that I DEEPLY understand
struggles with food,
here is a bit of…”

~ My Personal Story ~

I came from a very challenging childhood. Unfortunately, emotional or physical safety were not mainstays in my diet. For this reason, I lived with a whole lot of fear and sadness.

Below is a photo of me as a toddler. As you can see, I looked fine on the outside, but my eyes expressed the painful experience of my home life:

Toddler-TRINAAt a young age, “using food” became a way that I tried to comfort (and soothe) myself.

And, here’s how it started:

I have vivid memories from early childhood that took place on occasional Sunday afternoons. That’s when my family would go to the local donut shop and buy “a variety pack.”

When we’d get home we would enthusiastically break open the pink box. While savoring the sweetness of each donut I’d be TRANSPORTED into a momentary fantasy of seeing us as a unified and happy family.

This was bliss!

Unfortunately, seeking those warm, sweet feelings became an ongoing quest in my eating life for many years thereafter — leaving me with a serious ADDICTION to sugar.

After suffering in silence for the first three decades of my life, thankfully, I reached out for help and found healthy ways — and TOOLS — to deal with the painful emotions inside myself.

As a result, I no longer need to use “SWEET FOODS” to try to FILL the “holes in my soul.” One of the tools that was incredibly helpful to me was guided imagery.

Thank heavens I stepped onto a “new path” because the “old path” was a slippery, “sugary” slope — leading NOWHERE fast!

Now you can see why I am SO enthusiastic about sharing this program with you. Hopefully, you are reminded that — it’s NEVER too late to move forward onto a healthier path!

May you be inspired…
to take one EMPOWERED step


“For most of my life, when I’ve felt stressed, I’ve turned to food for comfort. Now, since starting this program, I am actually aware when I reach for unhealthy foods. Thank you Weight Loss 18 Minutes for offering me support and guidance.

“I don’t feel so alone on this journey now.”
— MariAnn


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